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Our experienced doctors of the Plus Medical Team strive to help our patients not only by providing them with accurate diagnosis but also by assisting them through complete treatment and healing. Consultation services are available for clients who participate in our screenings.

Our services

VP-MED – Budapest, Árpád út 56, 1042
Ultrasound diagnostics and aspiration citology

Ezüstfenyő Gyógycentrum – Fót, Németh Kálmán út 29, 2151
Ultrasound diagnostics, kardiology, neurology and endocrinology

Remote consultation: endocrinology, CT and MR reviews

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Plus Medical Orvosi Központ Kft.
2151 Fót, Németh Kálmán út 29.
Tax number: 27349157-1-13
Registration number: 13-09-233397

Radiology, professional management

dr. Bata Pál

Our professional manager Dr. Pál Bata graduated from Semmelweis University in 2002 and passed the medical doctor’s exam in 2007. During his professional career, he has participated in more than 30 seminars, co-authored 3 books and 18 publications. He is a member of several professional organizations and his name has appeared in more than 40 domestic and international conferences. He worked for 9 years at Semmelweis University and is currently practicing in private health care.


Dr. Speer Gábor, PhD

Our endocrinologist partner Gábor Speer obtained his medical degree from Semmelweis University in 1997, which included a year of foreign studies in Heidelberg, and his PhD in 2002. He passed the internal medicine examination in 2003, the endocrinology examination in 2006, and the occupational medicine examination in 2009. He’s the winner of 10 different research awards and scholarships, author of 124 scientific papers and co-author of 19 books.

Aspiration cytology

dr. Pogány Péter

Dr. Péter Pogány, our cytologist partner, obtained his medical degree from Semmelweis University in 1996. In 2000, he first passed the pathology then in 2002 the cytopathology exam. He worked at Szent Imre Hospital for 12 years, and since 2008 he’s been practicing at Nyírő Gyula Hospital and our partner MedServ Kft. He taught radiology assistants for 8 years, and since 2008 to the present he has been training medical teams at Semmelweis University.


dr. Fejér Bence

Dr. Bence Fejér, our radiologist, obtained his medical degree from Semmelweis University in 2013, and his medical doctor’s title in 2018. From 2013 he worked as a radiologist at Semmelweis University, then starting 2018 he was a clinical specialist, and from 2019 he was the head of the CT laboratory. Since 2015, he has been a PhD student and lecturer at Semmelweis University, co-author of 21 conference and 8 scientific papers, and a member of several professional organizations.

Aspiration cytology

dr. Tuza Sebestyén

Our partner Dr. Tuza Sebestyén obtained her medical degree at Semmelweis University in 2016, and then her pathology training at Semmelweis University II. s. He completed his studies at the Institute of Pathology for 5 years. Already during his years as a resident, he performed more than 1,500 aspiration cytology examinations, which were professionally supervised and consulted by associate professor Dr. Eszter Székely. He passed his pathology exam in 2021 with excellent results.


dr. Kiss Norbert

Dr. Norbert Kiss obtained a general medical degree at the University of Debrecen in 2004. In 2010, passed the Internal Medicine Specialist exam at the University of Debrecen, and in 2011, and Cardiologist Specialist exam with excellent results. From 2023, he will lead the cardiology professional program of Plus Medical: determination and prevention of cardiovascular risk, high blood pressure, target organ damage and co-morbidities, blood pressure, complaints of suspected heart disease.

Contionously expanding


The following medical examinations are available at our clinic. If you need a different service or consultation, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our outmost to fulfill your request.


Fót and remote consultation

  • First consultation – 28.000 Ft
  • Controll – 25.000 Ft

Endocrinology deals with the hormonal function of the endocrine glands (thyroid, parathyroid glands, adrenal gland, pancreas) and the diseases of the ovaries and testes. These hormones regulate many physiological processes in the body and also affect other organ systems. Your functional conditions can present with a variety of symptoms.

What complaints are worth visiting our endocrinologist?

  • unjustified weight change (weight gain, weight loss)
  • mood instability, sleep disturbances, restlessness
  • forgetfulness, fatigue, tendency to depression
  • menstrual disorders, increased hair growth, acne prone skin, dry skin, hair loss
  • arrhythmias, blood pressure problems, diarrhea
  • constipation, muscle weakness, high blood sugar, decreased libido
  • leaking milk from the breasts, hot flushes around menopause, osteoporosis, breast swelling in men, thinning hair
  • emphasis should be placed on the hormonal examination before childbirth and the screening and treatment of any abnormalities
  • taking medicines and vitamins and optimizing their use, eg in connection with pregnancy


VP-Med and Fót


  • 1 region20.000 Ft
  • 2 regions30.000 Ft
  • 3 regions40.000 Ft
  • In case of three regional ultrasounds, each additional region – 10.000 Ft

Újpest (VP-Med)

  • 1 region22.000 Ft
  • 2 regions40.000 Ft
  • 3 regions50.000 Ft
  • In case of three regional ultrasounds, each additional region – 10.000 Ft

Tests are priced per body region. A region counts:

  • abdomen and pelvis
  • veins of the lower limb on one limb
  • lower limb arteries on one side
  • thyroid and soft tissue of the neck (salivary glands, lymph nodes)
  • testicles
  • carotid artery
  • breast and armpits

Uroradiological consultation with two specialists

  • 1 region – 39.000 Ft
  • 2 regions – 59.000 Ft
  • Each additional region – 10.000 Ft


Hungária krt.

  • Aspiration cytology with ultrasound guidance of superficial organ: (thyroid, breast, salivary gland, lymph node, etc.)45.000 Ft
  • Aspiration cytology for each additional localization: (if sampling is not from a single localization, e.g. two breasts or breast and armpit lymph nodes, etc.)21.000 Ft
  • Core biopsy83.000 Ft
  • Core biopsy of 2 lesions98.000 Ft
  • Radio cytopathology consultation25.000 Ft
  • Histological examination (by localization)12.000 Ft
  • Defining prognostic markers (price per marker)8.000 Ft



  • cardiology specialist examination + EKG – 25.000 Ft
  • cardiology specialist examination + EKG + heart ultrasound – 37.000 Ft
  • control, evaluation of completed findings (in 3 month) – 15.000 Ft
  • heart ultrasound – 22.000 Ft
  • Holter examination (24 hour EKG monitoring) – 17.000 Ft
  • Holter examination (24 hour EKG monitoring) with evaluation – 25.000 Ft
  • Holter examination (24 hour EKG monitoring) with evaluation, in case of a cardiology appointment – 18.000 Ft
  • ABPM (24 hour blood pressure monitoring) – 17.000 Ft
  • ABPM (24 hour blood pressure monitoring) with evaluation – 25.000 Ft
  • ABPM (24 hour blood pressure monitoring) with evaluation, in case of a cardiology appointment – 18.000 Ft
  • EKG monitoring with evaluation – 12.000 Ft
  • prescription – 5.000 Ft

With what problems can you visit our specialist office?

  • Determination of cardiovascular risk and recommendation of prevention based on risk classification
  • Investigation of high blood pressure, assessment of target organ damage and comorbidities, blood pressure adjustment, care
  • Complaints of suspected heart disease (investigation of complaints of chest pain, shortness of breath, heart rhythm)
  • Care of heart patients (chronic heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, heart valve defects, chronic ischemic heart disease)


Please always make an appointment for our medical inspections.

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Contact us for group discounts regarding the following:

  • Manager sceenings

  • Company packages

  • Sports team screenings

  • Other higher- headcount screenings


Contact us for personalized screening packages:

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  • We make a unique package for you

  • We provide a unique qoute

  • We manage your screening tests for you with our partners



Please book an appointment prior to your examination as the our doctor’s availability may vary during opening hours.
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